Britney brutally Assaults the Eldorado supported by Intruder (VS), Erupdead (BS)
Biel/Bienne, Eldorado Bar, Friday 20.01.2017
Britney is In Love with Your Mother while Excrementorily Grindfucking!
Winterthur, Gaswerk, Friday 17.10.2014
New Live Video05.05.2013
Several New Live Videos from JKF 2011 like Fist of Steel in the Ass of Metal, Venganza, Obsolete Part 2 + 3 and more
Black Wind hasn't enough? Britney puts its second fist of Steel into the ass of Black Wind too!
Biel/Bienne, Mattenstrasse 28, Friday 17.5.2013
Britney puts one fist of Steel into the ass of Black Wind and one fist of Steel into the ass of Helminth
Basel, Hirscheneck, Saturday 11.5.2013
Britney gangbangs max. 500 heads and min. 1000 balls!
Grenchen SO, Austrasse, Friday 29. - 30.6.2012
Britney celebrating your Friday Burial with Science of Disorder and Arcturon
Bern, Scheibenstrasse 72, Neubau Graffitti, Friday 25.5.2012, 20:00
Come in and grind out1.4.2012
As of today no adequate Luxi was found. Hence, we need to cast a resurrection spell on the old Luxi for the upcoming gigs. If you want to save us an insane amount of mana, send a new Luxi our way. Insert new Luxi here
Following Luxis are acceptable:
Luxi the great
Luxi the brutal
Luxi the devourer
Luxi the slayer
Luxi the impaler
Following Luxis are not welcome:
Luxi the impaled
Luxi the gaylord
Luxi the virgin
Luxi the douche master
Vladimir Putin
Another one bites the dust7.1.2012
Unfortunately, Luxi died. His death was slow and moderately painful. Well, he played "death metal" after all. Hence, we need a new singer, preferably one that does not die easily.
Luxi reincarnate at
Britney provokes a subsequent eruption, stay alive...
Basel, Elsässerstrasse 2, Badhüsli, Saturday 29.10.2011
New Live Video27.8.2011
Britney feat. Ulysse @ Metalday Geschinen - Thanks to Nadia
link to youtube
Britney got sublime phobic Mammoth to squirt till cadaveric decomposition!
Bern, Scheibenstrasse 72, Neubau Graffitti, Saturday 12.11.2011, 20:00
Di zahlrichu Demos im Wallis, womu kehrt het 'Meh Greind vär z'Wallis', het BRITNEY ändültig därzüe bewegt jetzt eu die stolzu Wallisär mit ihrusch grindigu Wohlkläng da där di Grime gehnt.
Geschinen, Saturday 13.8.2011
Britney has decided to play on the Jugend Kultur Festival in Basel. Obviously, since they knew who Batman is they were gladly welcomed by the JKF commitee to spread death, bodily fluids, disease and culture (in this very order) upon the bebbi Jugend.
Basel, Theaterplatz, Saturday 3.9.2011, 19:00
Voting2.5. to 20.5.2011
Jugend Kultur Festival - vote fast, vote hard! Vote for Metal, vote for britney! Take a look at Agents of Chaos too...
Concert6.5. 2011
Schrottbar Biel: Support Grrrrz
Concert03.05 2011
Dynamo Werk 21 Zürich: The Grim Scary Tour mit Macabre, Birdflesh, Rompeprop
Britney has found a new bass player05.01 2011
He's the one who boldly goes where no one has gone before!
Bass player goes away04.12 2010
Are you the one who boldly goes where no one has gone before?
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New Album coming soon27.11 2010
Release party of our new Album 'GO AWAY' at Hirscheneck, Basel
New Video out now15.11 2010
Our first video from the new Album: GO AWAY. VENGANZA, check it out!!!
link to youtube